Rent apartment in Ravda - Rutland Beach

 Big  ,  Cheap  ,  Cozy  2 rooms property, well located between Nessebar and Pomorie

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Why do we recommend - Ravda? This is a homely cozy village by the sea, with clean and beautiful beaches that you will surely enjoy. The level of food prices is lower than in Sunny Beach. 5 km further, is the ancient city of Nessebar, listed in the UNESCO list of monuments. Balneological resorts and sanatoriums of Pomorie are located on the other side, but all this is within walking distance.

Our guests benefits

We are provide for free

Cleaning Service, linen, towels, liquid soap, shampoo.

No utility bills

No hidden surcharges and commissions. You rent from the owner, directly.

At hotel Rutland Beach

Guards, 24 hour video surveillance and free parking for the guests.

Quiet and comfortable place

Silence, away from industrial noise, and discos, will make your vacation.

Great infrastructure

There is a restaurant on site, order with delivery! Nearby is a grocery store.

Help with any questions

We are providing excellent support around the clock to our guests.



Photos of the apartment №1

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Photos of the apartment №2

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Beaches and park of Ravda

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Nessebar - old city

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Best hospitality and amenities

Rent apartment in ravda unexpensive

Which you will enjoy every day.

Rent cheap apartment in Nessebar

One deep for adults, the other for children.

Rent apartment in pomorie

7 minutes walk, and you are on the beach.

Rent apartment in ravda

Spacious apartment for 4 adults.

Rent apartment in Bulgaria

All necessary utensils are available.

Rent apartment in Ravda or Pomorie

Modern PC, fast Wi - Fi, smart 3D TV.

Rental price per night

May | September


lowest price for rent in ravda

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rent room in ravda

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July | August


rent apt in ravda low price

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90 Days Of Summer


rent apartment for 4 in ravda

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checkAnswer: Bulgaria is open to tourists in 2023. Please check the latest official information from the Bulgarian government on this page: ►


checkAnswer: The data of the daily monitoring of the Ministry of Tourism, confirm that there is no pollution of the waters and beaches of the Black Sea in Bulgaria, after russian terrorists blew up the Nova Kakhovka dam in Ukraine. Based on satellite observations and mathematical modeling of currents in the Black Sea, now there is no reason for the guests and residents of the Bulgarian coast to worry about:
the purity of sea water in Ravda, Bulgaria

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